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These are characters' relationships with Lulu and her personality mentioned.


Lulu is a self-proclaimed hero of Luxeville. Lulu often gets distracted while she prepares confrontation to Wario and she assists the player.


Lulu dislikes helping Wario[1] and wants revenge on him. After Mona, Dr. Crygor and 9-Volt's microgame sets are complete, she mentions that Wario "is the worst" and prepares confrontation towards him, she eats food along with Ruffington. Later, Wario as Wario Deluxe encourages the player to give up until Lulu refuses and helps the player. Lulu demands Wario Deluxe to return the pot, but he refuses. Lulu uses the Hydrocannon LX to spray water to Wario Deluxe. The pot finally gets off his head and her returns back to normal. Lulu confirmed that it was a "potty" that was washed before he stole it. Wario allowed Lulu to bring the pot back to Luxeville which she is seen flying in the credits.


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