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Luiginoids are characters that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are basically clones of Dreamy Luigi that exist only in the Dream World. Luiginoids can form various shapes with their own bodies by clustering together.


Luiginoids appear whenever Dreamy Luigi jumps into a Luiginoid Constellation Luiginary Work. Then Mario can jump onto the many Luiginoids forming the Luiginary Stack. With this, Mario and the Luiginoids can access other moves that they will learn throughout their journey including the Ground Pound.

Dreamy Luigi can also fuse with the Luiginoids to assume his giant form whenever he and/or Mario are in trouble.

In Combat

Whenever Mario and Luigi use their basic moves in the Dream World, Luiginoids will appear immediately to help. Whenever a Mario brother uses his jump attack, Luiginoids rain down around the targeted foe, crushing them. Whenever the brother uses his hammer, the Luiginoids smash the floor, dealing damage to all grounded enemies.

Luiginoids also help out in the new Special Attack genus: the Luiginary Attack. They form a ball in the Luiginary Ball, a stack for the Luiginary Stack, a giant hammer for the Luiginary Hammer, doughnuts which bounce fireballs for the Luiginary Flame, barriers for the Luiginary wall, and cones for the Luiginary Typhoon.

Names in other languages

  • Español: El Luiginoide (Transliteration of the English name. Third declension (Gen. Luiginoidus))
  • Portugués: O Luiginoide (Ditto from Spanish. Third declension (Gen. Luiginoidos))
  • Italiano: Il Luiginoidi (Ditto from Spanish. Third declension (Gen. Luiginoídius))