Luiginary Wall is the fifth available Dream World Luiginary Attack in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The Attack Pieces for it are found in the Bedsmith area of Dreamy Wakeport and it costs 14 BP to use. Dreamy Luigi holds up his hands as if he were a wall before this attack begins.

When used, Mario runs to the foreground and unleashes Luiginoids through Dreamy Luigi which form a wall that surrounds all but the foreground side of the enemies, with Dreamy Luigi spinning with their hammer in front of Mario. The player must press the 3DS A.svg button to make Mario hit Dreamy Luigi into the nearby enemies (at an angle dependent on where Dreamy Luigi is hit from) and the three-sided wall, and move the 3DS Stick.svg to make Mario move left and right to be able to reach the Dreamy Luigi. After several rallies using Dreamy Luigi, the wall will form a stack in the background which Mario must try and hit Dreamy Luigi into to cause the stack to fall on the enemies in front of it for bonus damage.

If the player knocks the Dreamy Luigi into the same area of the Luiginary Wall enough over a short period of time, that part of the wall will form a hole temporarily, making it easier for Dreamy Luigi to go out of bounds, which ends the attack prematurely. Hitting enemies 3, 6, 10 and 12 times will yield "OK!", "Good!", "Great!" and "Excellent!" ratings respectively.


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