The Luiginary Stack is a Luiginary Attack that appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is learned by Mario and Dreamy Luigi in the Dream World.


Outside of battle, the Luiginary Stack is the primary move that Mario and Dreamy Luigi use as everytime Dreamy Luigi jumps into a Luiginary Work, the Luiginoids form the Luiginary Stack. The player can press 3DS B.svg.png to make the stack jump. Also, if the stack moves over to an edge, it will tip over which is needed to press certain buttons. The Luiginary Stack can also clear away a group of enemies quicker. Also the Luiginary Stack, Mario and the Luiginoids can utilize the Ground Pound by pressing 3DS B.svg.png twice. They can also crunch together to make the stack smaller and then spring up destroying objects (and Nightmare Chunks).

In battle, the Luiginary Stack costs 8 BP and Mario with a group of Luiginoids jump onto another group. The player must press 3DS B.svg.png and use the 3DS Stick.svg.png to help stack the Luiginoids up and balance them out. When you collect Luiginary groups, you can move the Circle pad to left to slow down and to right to speed up. Once Luiginaries and Mario reach the end, the player must press 3DS B.svg.png to have the Luiginoids Ground Pound the enemy, when the Luiginoids falling down to do damage to random enemies and after that Mario comes down, with the player pressing 3DS A.svg.png for some extra damage.