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Luiginary Flame being used at Dreamy Wakeport.

Luiginary Flame is the fourth available Luiginary Attack in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The Attack Pieces for it are located in Dreamy Driftwood Shore, and it costs 14 BP to use. Before the attack begins, Dreamy Luigi poses atop Mario as if he was throwing a fireball.

When the attack begins, Mario heads away from the enemies, and spawns Fire Luiginoids out of Dreamy Luigi, one hurling a fireball at Mario who catches it and passes it on when the player presses the 3DS A.svg.png button. During the attack, the player must press the 3DS A.svg.png and 3DS B.svg.png buttons as the fireball reaches Mario and Fire Luiginoids respectively to make them pass the fireball towards the enemies. Eventually at the end of the sequence, the fireball will be passed towards Mario who must smash the fireball at the enemies with the player's timely press of the 3DS A.svg.png button, the fire damaging most of the enemies if successful. The less mistakes made during this attack, the better rating the player will obtain, ranging from "OK!" to "Excellent!" ratings. Failure to correctly strike the fireball into the enemies at the end will result in the player getting no rating whatsoever.

This attack's damage is given Fire attributes, and thus deals critical damage to Dreamcaps, Dreamcap Captains, Cocoknights, Iceads, Piranha Plants, Dreamcap Rs, Dreamcap Captain Rs, Cocoknight Rs and Spritzblooms.