The Luiginary Ball is a Luiginary Attack that is can be used in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It requires 6 Bros. Points (BP) to use.


In order to use the Luiginary Ball, Mario would jump onto a bunch of Luiginoids and the player must use the gyroscopes of the Nintendo 3DS to guide Mario over the other Dreamy Luigi clones to make the ball bigger. Once the move is almost complete, the player must then press 3DS A.svg.png for Mario to kick the oversized Dreamy Luigi Ball against enemies to deal high damage. This move is extremely useful for damaging a horde of enemies.

Luiginary Ball is also used outside of battle once Mario and Dreamy Luigi head through Dream's Deep for the second time. This move is mainly used to help speed up slopes to reach higher areas. Two moves can also be learned with the Luiginary Ball which are known as the Hookshot and the Ball Hammer.


  • Luiginary Ball is one of two attacks to have its own official artwork. The other being Jet-Board Bash.