Luiginary Attacks are moves that are learned in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. These moves are similar to Bros. Attack except that they are only learned and used in Luigi's Dream World. Luiginary Attacks are used by Mario and a bunch of Dreamy Luigi clones and can be used to damage enemies. Despite their dreamy nature, Luiginary Attacks cost Special Points (BP) to perform, just like any other type of Special Attack.

Types of Luiginary Moves

Luiginary Ball

Mario is kicking the Luigionids ball to the enemies.

The first Luiginary Move. Mario mainly attacks by rolling up smaller Dreamy Luigis until a large ball is formed. He then kicks the ball (and thus applies his boots for effects) toward the foe. This attack is useful in damaging multiple enemies.

Luiginary Stack

The stack is stomping on the enemies

This Luiginary Move involves Mario stacking up a bunch of Dreamy Luigis until they are up high. They then slam down onto enemies dealing high damage. This attack uses both Bros.'s boots.

Luiginary Hammer

The hammer is striking down

This move gathers up Luigis forming a giant hammer. Mario has to balance his hammer to avoid falling and losing the Luigi clones. Mario goes to the enemies and slams the hammer of Luigi on them, applying his hammer in the process.

Luiginary Flame

The flame is spread out and coming down

This attack makes a bunch of Fire Luigis appear and one gives mario a fire ball which he will throw at a Luigi in front then that Luigi passes on the fire ball to the next Luigi which continues as the fire ball gets bigger and bigger. After that, Mario will swing his hammer on the fire ball making rain of fire on the enemies.

Luiginary Wall

The wall is falling after hitting it

This move make Dreamy Luigis form a "n" shape wall. Start at Mario swing the hammer to hit a Luigi spinning his hammer, he will damage enemies when hitting them. If you don't miss the spinning Luigi and break through the Luigis wall, they will form a tall wall, Mario needs to aim the spinning Luigi to the wall, the wall will fall when he hit and do extra damage to enemies.

Luiginary Typhoon

The typhoon is ready after Mario winding it

This move Dreamy Luigis form a shape of tornado. Luigis will spin toward Mario and he put out the line of Luigis and it start the Luigi typoon. The Luigis will blow away the enemies and damage them with hammers, with some Luigis fall out. The enemies will also take some extra fall damage.


  • Luiginary is the portmanteau of the words 'Luigi' and 'imaginary.'