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Luigi's Mansion 3 is an action-adventure game for the Nintendo Switch. It is the third installment in the Luigi's Mansion series where the events appear to take place after the second game, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It was announced at the Nintendo Direct on September 13, 2018, and was released wordwide on Halloween for 2019.


Like the previous installments in the Luigi's Mansion series, the player will control Luigi who is armed with a Poltergust device that is used to capture ghosts. Luigi's Mansion 3 gameplay is similar both Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


Entering the hotel

Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, and the Toads ride on Peach's bus to the hotel. Polterpup appeared next to Luigi, he read the letter from the hotel. When the van arrived at the hotel's destination, everyone went off the bus.[1]


Playable characters

  • Luigi[2] - The main protagonist of the game. He uses his Poltergust G-00 to capture ghosts.
  • Gooigi[3] - Luigi's sidekick

Non-playable characters


Regular Ghosts

Rare Ghosts


  • ComBooster
  • Boosement
  • Gumboo
  • Booigi
  • Kung Boo
  • Boogie
  • Boolldog
  • Boo-at-Arms
  • Bootanist
  • Booducer
  • Boones
  • AnuBoo
  • Boofuddler
  • Booccaneer
  • Boodybuilder
  • Boosician

Boss Ghosts




  • Luigi's Mansion 3 game marks Peach's usual damsel-in-distress role and the first time Peach physically appeared in the Luigi's Mansion series.
    • This is also the first time Mario and Peach share the same role.


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