The Lucky Space is a type of space found in Mario Party 8. When stepped on, it takes the player to a place otherwise unable to go to, at the end of the path is a free star. They are replaced by Challenge Spaces in Duel and Star Battle.


DK's Treetop Temple

When stepped on the Lucky Space, the player is taken to a long stone platform with a path of Blue Spaces (each with 3 coins) with a star --via a Star Space-- at the end. The star is free.

DK's Lucky Space

Goomba's Booty Boardwalk

A Dolphin takes the player to a secret sacred island, with a path of Blue Spaces (each with 3 coins) and a large treasure chest with a star in it. Upon reaching the chest, two Goomba idols appear. Then they give the player a free star (after begging the player to take the star and go away).

King Boo's Haunted Hideaway

King Boo's Haunted Hideaway's Lucky Space involves the player being taken up to the attic of the haunted mansion. At the end is an alternate way to King Boo. The player must trade 10 coins for the star from King Boo. Then King Boo, he shuffles the board and all the players go back to the start.

Shy Guy's Perplex Express

This Lucky Space on this board triggers the player getting dropped off at a train station lined with coins. When all the coins are collected, a Shy Guy (at the end) gives the player a free star.

Koopa's Tycoon Town

This is the only Mario Party 8 board which has more than one Lucky Space. At each location, a Koopa in a blue convertible pulls up to the curb and offers a ride for the player, who can't refuse. The Koopa speeds off and swerves around town and drop him off at a sidewalk which has a path of Blue Spaces (with 3 coins). In the middle, there's a 3 star hotel that can be bought with one coin. Both of these areas are a path of Blue Spaces with 3 coins and contain a 3 star hotel.

Bowser's Warped Orbit

If a player lands on a lucky space in this board, a Shy Guy will take the player to a separate part of the board. The lucky area on this board does not lead to a free star. Instead, the player is taken to a path of Blue Spaces (with 3 coins) and gets to collect three free pieces of candy by passing Candy Spaces (which turn out to be Bullet Candy and Bowser Candy).

Mario Party 9

In every level, except Bowser Station and DK's Jungle Ruins, landing on a lucky square would, either make them go into a tube with Mini Star Spaces, either go into a Toad House and choose 2 of the 4 cards.