Lucky Day is a recurring badge in the Paper Mario series.


Paper Mario

Lucky day badge.png

In Paper Mario, the Lucky Day badge is one of the most difficult badges to obtain. It is an enhanced version of the Pretty Lucky badge, providing a 25% chance of an enemy attack missing Mario. It costs 7 BP to equip.

Lucky Day is only obtainable near the end of the game, requiring the player to have access to Starborn Valley. Obtaining this badge involves a 14-letter chain, starting with a letter addressed to Goompapa that can be found on the rightmost screen of Mt. Rugged. Upon delivering each letter to its recipient using Parakarry, Mario will receive another letter to deliver; at the end of the chain, when the final letter is delivered to Goompapa, he gives Mario the Lucky Day badge. The chain goes through the following characters:

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Lucky Day does make a reappearance. Costing seven Badge Points to wear, the badge is similar to its Paper Mario counterpart. The word "lucky" still appears in the same fashion as Close Call and Pretty Lucky. Lucky Day and Lucky Start, while Close Call and Pretty Lucky do, do not have a Partner version. Mario can acquire this badge in the Pit of 100 Trials, found in the large treasure chest located on the ninetieth floor.

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