The Lucky 7, (called ラッキー7 Rakkī 7 in Japan), is an item appearing in the Mario Kart series.

It resembles a seven from roulette machines and if three are gotten, it results in a jackpot. It also appears to be the seven from the Mario Kart 7 logo.


Mario Kart 7


Princess Peach after using the Lucky 7 item.

The Lucky item first appears in Mario Kart 7.

When used, the seven items being a Green Shell, Red Shell, Star, Bob-omb, Blooper, Banana Peel and a Mushroom appear as the seven items that can be used.

When used, these items rotate around the player's kart and can be used one at a time. The items obtained from this have no difference in effect though. These items very rarely appear as items. Like all other items, they can be found an Item Box. In battle mode, when choosing  only one can be used throughout the battle, the player instead gets seven of that item of a kind.

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