The Lovely Howz of Badges is a location in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is a small shop that is secretly located on the second floor of the Item shop in the main plaza in the center of Rogueport. It is only accessible via an archway from the Inn to the other building.

At the Lovely Howz of Badges, Mario can buy or sell badges he finds throughout the kingdom. There are two employees at the shop and both of them are Little Mousers. One of the mice is white one that is "very similar" to the Little Mouser that Mario keeps encountering. She is the owner of this pristine establishment.


On the counter, five badges are lined up. These badges are on sale, however they usually are still expensive with prices ranging from 50 to 400. By talking to the shopkeeper, Mario can sell badges. These badges are chosen at random. If badges are sold to the Howz of Badges, they appear in the shop's inventory and sometimes can be on sale. The Lovely Howz of Badges is the only way to obtain certain badges but some of them aren't cheap. Other than progressing through the game via Chapters, the Howz of Badges will never randomly obtain new badges. Mario must sell them to the shop.

If Mario talks to the Shopkeeper Squeek, Mario can access their other inventory. Their other inventory has a lot of other badges that are more expensive than most as they have prices usually ranging form 75 to 500 coins each. The most expensive badge they could have is the Return Postage, Lucky Day, or Quick Change badges and they each have a cost of 500 coins each.

Miss Mowz

Miss Mowz, the owner of the Lovely Howz of Badges, is actually the thief that Mario has encountered multiple times on his adventures. At a certain point in the game, Miss Mowz secretly has a job put on the Helping People List on the east side of Rogueport, although the tasker is actually listed as ???. Mowz, when greeted by Mario, will tell him to go to Hooktail Castle and collect a hidden badge there. Mowz will thank Mario for giving her the badge after Mario has found and taken the badge. Miss Mowz, only after this task is complete, will then join Mario's party and offer her services.