Love Slap is one of Ms. Mowz's special moves in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. This move is default and the only one that deals damage. To perform it, the player has to tilt the Control Stick left and right to fill the gauge. Then Ms. Mowz will repeatedly slap the enemy, piercing its defense. She is unable to use this move on flying, spiked and fiery enemies.


The move deals low 2-4 damage. Therefore, the best strategy is to use it on high-defense enemies, or equip attack-raising badges. When Ms. Mowz executes this move, the audience can be heard booing, indicating that they don't like this move (probably because the first two strikes don't do any damage). This is further proven, when some audience members leave because of the attack. Also, the Stylish Move, which is performed by pressing A on the way back after the attack, does not give much extra Star Power. 

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