The Lost Kingdom is a tropical location featured in Super Mario Odyssey. The area has a lush tropical climate, scattered with large trees and islands surrounded by toxic purple water. The Toad Brigade is in this kingdom when Mario arrives, using their Starshroom as a Crazy Cap shop.

Super Mario Odyssey

After an encounter with Bowser in the Cloud Kingdom, Bowser's Ship shoots down the Odyssey out of the sky, causing it to crash into the Lost Kingdom. The airship suffers major damage from the crash, which prevents Mario and Cappy unable to travel to the Metro Kingdom. The pair must then collect enough Power Moons within the world to restore the Odyssey to flying form.

Power Moon locations

There are a total of 25 Power Moons in the Lost Kingdom. 10 Power Moons are required to repair the Odyssey.

  • 01: Atop a Propeller Pillar:
  • 02: Below the Cliff's Edge:
  • 03: Inside the Stone Cage:
  • 05: Over the Fuzzies, Above the Swamp:
  • 06: Avoiding Fuzzies Inside the Wall:
  • 08: Enjoying the View of Forgotten Isle:
  • 09: On the Mountain Road:
  • 21:Shopping on Forgotten Isle:


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