The Loopdeeloop Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is located within the Terrace. This galaxy is basically a long flow of water across the sky where Mario goes Manta Ray Surfing. It is inhabited by Penguins, most of whom cheer Mario on from the sidelines. It can be considered the easier counterpart to the Loopdeeswoop Galaxy.


Surfing 101

Surfing 101 is the only level in this galaxy, in which Mario rides a Manta named Ray along the Loopdeeloop Galaxy to earn a Power Star. The course contains a 1-up Mushroom in addition to a handful of coins. This level appears to be similar to Blooper racing in Super Mario Sunshine, in which Mario rides a Blooper in Ricco Harbor. To earn the Power Star, beat the starting record, 1:01.28, without falling off the track.


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