Looking for Love is a Free-for-All minigame in Super Mario Party.


Players are wave while the camera pans from the left to the end, and the camera zooms out. The players run towards the screen, the camera zooms in and the screen turns on.


The players must look at the heart when it appears on any circle. Symbols appear in different colors. There are other different symbols that are spades, clubs and diamonds and the player will not gain points if they look at these symbols. The screen also turns blue if the player makes a mistake. The first player to look at the heart earns more points than other players that looked at the heart too.


The winners step forward and they do their victory animation while other players sulk.


  • NS JC Top Button - Look up
  • NS JC Bottom Button - Look down
  • NS JC Left Button - Look left
  • NS JC Right Button - Look right

In-game description

  • "Look at the ♥!"
  • "Don't be fooled by other colors of suits!"

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