Look Sharp is an unlockable Free-for-All minigame in Super Mario Party.


In a white room, a Toad waves at the screen while standing on a yellow platform. Then the magnifying glass covers the Toad.


The player must adjust the magnifying glass with the Joy-Con by moving it closer or further to make the character seen sharply. The first player to make the character seen sharply with the magnifying glass earns 5 points, second earns three points, third earns one point while the last has no points.

  • On the first round, the character is a Toad.
  • On the second round, the character is Spike.
  • On the third round, the character is Koopa Troopa.


The Toad, Spike and Koopa Troopa wave a the screen and the winner does his/her victory animation.


  • Joy-Con L Icon / Joy-Con R Icon (vertical) - Zoom in/out

In-game description

  • "Focus on the character!"
  • "Tilt Joy-Con L Icon to adjust the magnifying glass."
  • "When the character is fully focused, they'll wave to you."
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