"So take a hike, old dude! Go up the road to Merlee's Mansion, will ya?"
― Lock to Mario, Super Paper Mario Lock is a character that appears in Super Paper Mario.


Lock is seen in a small area in Gloam Valley. At one point, he has escaped from the bitter work at Merlee's Mansion and is hiding out in the valley. If the player attempts to talk to Lock as Mario, Lock will make a comment about not liking older guys with mustaches and younger guys without them. However, he has a soft spot for ladies and will hastly ask Princess Peach to go out with him. However, Peach turns him down. Lock was too concerned for Peach going to Merlee's Mansion because there are "traps" and "bad things" will happen to her, but Peach was puzzled. After the conversation, she tries ending it in a kind manner by thanking him and also asks him to rescue her if she does not come back like a "certain mustachioed man".


  • Lock's name seems to be ironic as he used to be locked up at Merlee's Mansion before escaping.
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