Not to be confused with the species, Little Mouser.

Little Mouser is a character that appears in Paper Mario.


Little Mouser is a Nomadimouse that runs his shop in Dry Dry Outpost. When Mario and company first arrive in Dry Dry Outpost, Little Mouser can be seen running from his shop heading eastward. Following him eastward will reveal that he was talking with another Nomadimouse, Sheek (later to be revealed as Moustafa), and runs back to his shop. Little Mouser is most likely an apprentice of Moustafa and buying a Dusty Hammer and a Dried Shroom in that order will allow Little Mouser to tell him how to speak with Moustafa.

Little Mouser is also involved in the long, chain letter sequence where Parakarry must deliver a letter from Miss T. to him. Little Mouser will reveal the letter is about beauty products and also mentions that Miss T. is one of his best customers. Little Mouse will then ask for a letter to be delivered to Franky of Boo's Mansion. Little Mouser is also involved in one of Koopa Koot's many favors (which, in fact, was his final favor).


"He runs the shop here in Dry Dry Outpost. I don't know... He acts kind of strange. Is he nervous...? Well, he may be suspicious, but he still runs the shop. His stock seems to be made up of pretty normal stuff. I think it's normal..."