Little Mouser's Shop is a location that appears in Paper Mario. It is an Item Shop run by a Little Mouser in Dry Dry Outpost. It contains the cheapest items available and, in return, purchases items from Mario for a very cheap price. Buying a Dusty Hammer then a Dried Shroom from this shop in this order grants Mario to speak with Moustafa.


Image Item Price
Thunder Bolt (Paper Mario).png Thunder Bolt 5 coins
PaperMario Items DustyHammer.png Dusty Hammer 2 coins
Honey Syrup (Paper Mario).png Honey Syrup 5 coins
Dried Shroom (Paper Mario).png Dried Shroom 2 coins
Dried Pasta.png Dried Pasta 3 coins
Mushroom (Paper Mario).png Mushroom 3 coins