Little Fungitown is a small town in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


It is first visited after Mario and Luigi defeat Trunkle successfully escorting Princess Peach into Little Fungitown. In the town, there is an arcade, an item shop, a clothing shop, several houses, and the Mushroom Kingdom Embassy. The town is built near the Great Mushroom Mountain, and the view from it is supposedly breathtaking. Toads populate the village, although a few Beanish and Hoohooligans can be seen in town, presumably on vacation. The town is one of three settlements in Superstar Saga, the other two being Beanbean Castle Town and Hoohoo Village. At the arcade, the Bros. win a special Mushroom called the Invincishroom by beating Star 'Stache Smash. However, after Mario consumes the mushroom, it gives him Bean Fever. Luigi then needs to find the Crabbie Grass in Guffawha Ruins. Later, a combination of Bowser and Cackletta known as Bowletta appears at Little Fungitown and kidnaps Princess Peach who later wants the Beanstar as ransom.

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