Lit Potato is a Team minigame in Super Mario Party. The name is based on "hot potato".



The camera pans upwards and zooms closer to the players.


The minigame takes place in an square arena. It consists of three or four rounds of surviving the minigame. The colored rings are around the player to indicate the team members. The Bob-ombs will fall onto the hands of the player and they have the pass the Bob-omb in a circular motion clockwise. The Bob-ombs will beep when it is about to explode, they explode at the same time. The player caught upon the Bob-ombs' explosion will move out of the circle posing as the audience. In each round the amount of Bob-ombs decreases.

  • Round 1: There are six Bob-ombs.
  • Round 2: There are four Bob-ombs.
  • Round 3: There are three Bob-ombs.
  • Round 4 (optional): There is one Bob-omb.


The team players pose their victory or loss around the arena.

Game data


  • NS JC Right Button – Pass Bob-omb


  • "Don't get caught with a Bob-omb!"
  • "Pass the Bob-ombs around clockwise."
  • "You can only hold one at a time!"

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