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An entire list of obtainable troopers in Bowser Jr.'s Journey, including Bowser Jr., First Officers and normal troopers.

Name Image Type Special Skill Critical Against

Bowser Jr. (Melee)

BISDX- Bowser Jr. (Melee) Profile Melee Whomping Wallop Magikoopas
Bowser Jr. (Flying) BISDX- Bowser Jr. (Flying) Profile Flying Smack Back Attack Magikoopas
Bowser Jr. (Ranged) BISDX- Bowser Jr. (Ranged) Profile Ranged Rain of Pain Magikoopas
Iggy Iggy Description Flying Air Bash
Lemmy Lemmy Description Melee Spitfire Fury
Wendy BISDX- Wendy Profile Ranged Piercing Projectile
Larry BISDX- Larry Profile Ranged Throw the Fight
Ludwig Ludwig Ranged Chain Shot
Morton Morton Description Melee Chain Stomp
Roy BISDX- Roy Profile Melee Spin to Win
Kamek BISDX- Kamek Profile Flying Chain Shot
Goomba BISDX- Goomba Profile Melee Rocket Headbutt
Paragoomba BISDX- Paragoomba Profile Flying Cranium Crush
Goomba Tower BISDX- Goomba Tower Melee Whomping Wallop
Big Tail Goomba BISDX- Big Tail Goomba Profile Melee Spin Cycle
Captain Goomba BISDX- Captain Goomba Melee Rocket Headbutt
Private Goomp 0081 17-Private-Goomp Melee Rocket Headbutt
Green Koopa Troopa Melee
Red Koopa Troopa Melee
Captain Koopa Troopa Melee
Green Koopa Paratroopa Flying
Red Koopa Paratroopa Flying
Koopa Paratroopa Trio Flying
Corporal Paraplonk Flying
Buzzy Beetle Melee
Spike Top Melee
Para-Beetle Flying
Spiny Melee
Mechakoopa Melee
Broozer Melee
Pokey Melee
Chain Chomp Melee
Chargin' Chuck Melee
Horned Ant Trooper Melee
Bob-omb Melee
Bully Melee
Dry Bones
Lakitu Flying
Boo Flying
Bomb Boo Flying
Tail Boo Flying
Big Boo Flying
Captain Boo Flying
Red Para-Biddybud Flying
Green Para-Biddybud Flying
Yellow Para-Biddybud Flying
Blue/Purple Para-Biddybud Flying
Swoop Flying
Red Shy Guy Ranged
Blue Shy Guy Ranged
Yellow Shy Guy Ranged
Pink Shy Guy Ranged
Fly Guy Flying
Spear Guy Ranged
Captain Shy Guy Ranged
Sergeant Guy Ranged
Hammer Bro Ranged
Ice Bro Ranged
Fire Bro Ranged
Boomerang Bro Ranged
Fire Stalking Piranha Plant Ranged
Spike Ranged
Bandit Ranged
White Magikoopa Ranged
Red Magikoopa Ranged Power Up
Green Magikoopa Ranged Feed the Speed
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