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When Luigi first encounters Boos in the Storage Room, he returns to Professor E. Gadd's lab. E. Gadd upgrades his Game Boy Horror, so that it has a device that scans where the Boos are found in each room. Luigi finds 50 Boos (51 Boos including King Boo) throughout the mansion (15 make up Boolossus). Each Boo is a parody name, one of them notably is Game Boo Advance, obviously a parody name of the Game Boy Advance.

Floor One

  • BamBoo
  • Boolicious
  • Bootha
  • GameBoo Advance
  • TaBoo
  • TurBoo

Floor Two

  • Boo La La
  • Boodacious
  • Boogie
  • Booligan
  • Boomeo
  • GameBoo
  • GumBoo
  • Kung Boo
  • PeekaBoo

Floor Three

  • Boohoo
  • Booigi
  • Boonswoggle
  • Booregard
  • Booris
  • LimBooger
  • Little Boo Peep
  • Mr. Boojangles
  • ShamBoo

Floor Four

  • Boo B. Hatch
  • Booffant
  • Boolderdash
  • Boolivia
  • Boomerang
  • Boonita
  • Booripedes
  • Booscaster
  • Bootique
  • TamBoorine
  • UnderBoo
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