Lineland is a location in Super Paper Mario. It is the main setting of Chapter 1.


There are many areas in the game, but Lineland sticks out as it has many different geographical features. The first part of the chapter takes place on Lineland Road, a road that takes one to the base of Mount Lineland. There's a lot minor enemies and hills on the short Lineland Road. There is also the home of the famous Bestovius on Lineland Road. At the end of the road, is Mount Lineland, a tall mountain with some strangely shaped slopes.

The mountain is filled with various traps including the powerful enemy known as a Spiny Tromp. The slopes get steep up the mountain, but nevertheless, Mario makes his way to the top. Near the top of the mountain, there is a small village ran primarily by a man named Old Man Watchitt. There are also two people, Red and Green, who are the gatekeepers of the village.

Past Mount Lineland lies the vast Yold Desert. This desert possesses many secrets of Merlumina and the lost treasure, the Pure Heart. Many secrets dwell deep within the lost Yold Ruins, located at the far end of this desert.


Chapter 1-1: The Adventure Unfolds

Lineland serves as the main setting of this level. Mario and Tippi get used to the controls and they both visit Bestovius. However, he, at first, think that Mario is an imposter of the Hero of Legend until Tippi talks him into it. Bestovius then offers to teach Mario a move that requires a high amount of coins. Fortunately, Mario manages to talk him down into learning the technique for free and Bestovius then teaches the Flip ability to Mario. With this new ability, Mario can now flip into 3D for a short amount of time. Mario uses this new ability to find his way down to Lineland Road.