Superstar Saga Enemy
Limbo Bro (1)
Limbo Bro MLSS
Location(s) Guffawha Ruins
Level 23
HP 40
POW 70 (68-72)
Defense 50
Speed 50
Experience 60 (35)
Coins 18 (15)
Item Drop Super Mushroom – 12.9% (25.81%)
Refreshing Herb – 25.81% (None - 0%)
Fire Heal
Thunder Critical
Jump Normal
Hammer Normal
Hand? Normal
Stun? 30%
Burn? 0%
Stat Down? 100%
  • Stats in the parentheses are from the Japanese version and differ from American and European versions.
  • Stats in gray are found in the game's coding and unavailable during the "normal" gameplay.

Limbo Bros. are enemies in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and they reappear in the remake. They are Hammer Bros. with a body resembling Sledge Bros.. It wears a blue helmet and wears face paint.


Limbo Bros. do not appear on the map, but accompanies Elite Chuck Guys. They have two methods of attacks. The first method of attack is doing a limbo under the torch and fly to the target. The second method of attack is doing a limbo under a torch and striking a fire with its torch.


The first method of attack can be lattered with a hammer. The second method of attack can be dodged when it strikes a fire on Luigi. The Limbo Bro is weak and vulnerable to Luigi's Thunder attack.

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