Lil' Massif is a character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is the younger brother of Big Massif and, like him, has an obsession with "beef stew."


Lil' Massif is a Hooski that wears green clothes that is meant to resemble Luigi.


Lil' Massif is first seen in Wakeport where he is about to lead a tour to Mount Pajamaja. However, he tells Mario and the rest that he cannot do the tour without his older brother and has Mario, Luigi, Prince Dreambert, and Starlow all go to look for him. Mario and the rest eventually wake up Big Massif from his dream and the two brothers reunite to lead Mario and the rest up the mountain. Along the way, Lil' Massif and Big Massif teach Mario and Luigi new moves including the Spin Jump and the Side Drill and they eventually reach the summit.

During the second climb up Mount Pajamaja, Lil' Massif and Big Massif are seen again where they agree to help Mario and the rest search for the treasure.