"Press the A Button Button to figure out where you are! Press the B Button Button for a wider attack range!"
― Advice

Lights Out is a mini-game in Mario Party 2.


One player wields a mallet while the other three hold bright lightbulbs. The solo player must hit the other three players with his or her mallet. However, the lights flicker on and off in the room.

The solo player wins if he or she hits each player with the mallet. The other three players win if at least one survives the time limit.


Single Player

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Vertical Swing
  • B Button - Horizontal Swing

Three Players

  • Control Stick - Move


  • Candlelight Flight from Mario Party 4 is very similar to Lights Out. However, instead of the single player chasing the three players in almost complete darkness, it's the other way around in Candlelight Flight with the three players chasing the single player down.