The Light Box is a type of block that debuts in the Super Mario 3D World. They are most commonly found in Ghost Houses, but can be found elsewhere.


When hit, they are worn over the player's body, shining a spotlight out from the front. This light can defeat Boos and Peepas when held in their faces for a short amount of time. Additionally, when worn, the Block and its light change color to match that of the corresponding character.


Super Mario 3D World

The character that wears the Light Box changes color (red for Mario, green for Luigi, blue for Toad, pink for Peach and cyan for Rosalina). The Light Box can harm Peepas, Boos and Big Boos.

Mario Party: Star Rush

Light Boxes appear in the boss minigame, King Boo's Light Smite. The player holds the Light Box that deals damage to King Boo with a point, the bigger Light Box deals more damage with three points. However, the player can lose the Light Box when they fall off the platform and colliding with a Peepa.

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