Life Shrooms are items found throughout the Paper Mario series. Whenever Mario (or his partner in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) passes out during a battle, the Life Shroom will revive the character and return 10 HP to them, temporarily replacing 1-Up Mushrooms. If both Mario and his partner lose all of their HP at the same time, they will both be recovered with ten HP, but only one Life Shroom will be used.


Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, a Life Shroom is first seen in Princess Peach's Castle after the second Star Sprite is saved by Mario. It can be found in the library at the top behind the railing, but it appears as though Peach cannot reach it since it is too high, and it is later obtained by Mario as he makes it to the castle. One can also be found in an Invisible Block in Dry Dry Desert. They later appear in Igor's shop at Boo's Mansion, after Lady Bow joins Mario's party. They are then found in both ? Blocks and at the shop in Star Haven, where they can be purchased for 25 coins apiece. The second item Mario can buy from Rip Cheato will be a Life Shroom.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Life Shrooms reappear and are still very powerful. Mario can first find these at Westside Goods in Rogueport. The Shop sells this item for fifty coins just like the last game. Of course, Mario can also find these at other shops as well. By collecting 150 Shop Points, Mario can obtain this item. Another way is, if Mario ranks third in the Lottery, Mario can get this item. All in all, this item is a little easier to get but is just as good, weird.

Super Paper Mario

Life Shroom SPM
In Super Paper Mario, Life Shrooms are very similar but not quite the same. Unlike the 10 HP they gave in the last, these mushrooms only give 5 HP when used. Like the previous games, Life Shrooms can be eaten before Mario dies. In doing so will result in gaining 5 HP. This item is still helpful, but later on in the game, since Mario will be very strong offensively and defensively, this item's purpose drops substantially. Although, it is still prominent in the Pit of 100 Trials, both Flipside and Flopside.


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