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The Life-Up Heart is a power-up item that appears in Super Mario Odyssey. It is the only "traditional" power-up in the game, as Mario's forms are mostly taken through Cappy's Capture ability.


The Life-Up Heart gives Mario three extra life bars but if his health drops below four, it will disappear and his health meter will return to normal.

Mario does not gain extra health if he is already affected by a Life Mushroom. Upon grabbing a second one, his health will restore to 6. If Mario grabs a Life-Up Heart while he has 6 health points, it will give him coins instead.

In Super Mario Odyssey

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The player can find the Life-Up Heart before boss battles, or in challenging levels. It is also sold in the Crazy Cap stores, will sell Mario a Life-Up Heart for fifty regular Coins, and won from slot minigames. One can be found inside a ? Block in the Metro Kingdom, before the Mecha Wiggler's boss fight. A bonus Life-Up Heart can be obtained once a day by scanning the Wedding Princess Peach amiibo. A Life-up Heart can also be obtained in the Darker Side either by defeating the Yoofoe at the start of the caverns or correctly answering the sphinx's question: which kingdom has he not been to yet (the answer is the Mushroom Kingdom).

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