"Li'l-Oinks are timid and mysterious creatures that hatch from eggs. They spook easily, and will run away if you approach them. Observe them from out here. There are many breeds Li'l-Oinks. They're very easy to tell apart. White ones, black ones... even gold and silver ones!"
― Li'l–Oink Toad, Paper Mario


Li'l-Oinks are characters from Paper Mario. Resembling real world pigs, these critters are located in a pen near the train station in southern Toad Town. Located by the pen there is a Toad who is fascinated by Li'l-Oinks. If Mario speaks to him, he will tell him about how the Li'l Oink Farm operates. If Mario does not ask the Toad about the machine, the first time he uses the machine, Mario is told the information. There are many breeds of Li'l-Oinks and Mario can obtain various powerful items from them.

Only ten Li'l-Oinks can be located in the pen at a time. Once the eleventh Li'l-Oink enters the pen, the first and oldest Li'l-Oink leaves. Once that Li'l-Oink leaves, an item is left behind. The item that is dropped depends on the breed of the Li'l-Oink. This methods is one of the ways to obtain Ultra Shrooms and Jammin Jellies. This is also a way to get infinite Repel Gel, considered the rarest item in the game.



"Oh, it's a Flower Li'l-Oink! Nice floral design!"
― Li'l-Oink Toad


"Oh, it's a Pink Li'l-Oink! Such coloring!"
― Li'l-Oink Toad

Question Mark

"Oh, it's a Question Mark Li'l-Oink! How weird... Uh, I mean, how int... interesting."
― Li'l-Oink Toad


"Oh, wow! It's a Silver Li'l-Oink! Look at its silver hide! Glittering in the sunshine... What a gorgeous creature!"
― Li'l-Oink Toad


"Oh, it's a Star Li'l Oink! The stars...so mystical!"
― Li'l-Oink Toad


"Oh, it's a Tiger Li'l-Oink! Look at those stripes!"
― Li'l-Oink Toad


"Oh, it's a White Li'l-Oink! So pale and dainty!"
― Li'l-Oink Toad
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