Lethal Bob-omb
The Lethal Bob-omb is a more powerful variety of a Bob-omb found in the cellar of Shroob Castle in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. A Lethal Bob-omb's fuse is always lit, meaning once it touches someone, it explodes. Additionally, they are constantly flashing, wear purple shoes (like Rob-ombs), and move more quickly than Bob-ombs.

In battle, Lethal Bob-ombs attack by approaching the bros., then running back and forth in front of them. Eventually, it chooses a Bro. to attack and rams into him, self-destructing and causing damage. The Baby Mario Bros. can counter this attack with their Hammers.


  • It's unknown if Lethal Bob-ombs are Shroobified variants of Bob-ombs but they most likely are as they are purple.


  • HP - 60 (61)
  • POW - 138 (126)
  • DEF - 132
  • Speed - 40
  • EXP - 70
  • Coins - 10
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