The Leg Outpost is a location in Bowser's body in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It is located below the Lumbar Nook. It is located in Bowser's left leg. The Leg Outpost is mainly a mini-game where the player must press the correct button for the Mario Bro. in order to generate energy to Bowser's leg (A for Mario and B for Luigi). At some points, both Mario and Luigi will split up land land on opposite ends urging the player to press both the A and B buttons to generate much energy to Bowser.


Mario and Luigi first visit the Leg Outpost after Bowser is trying to push a giant drill underground of Toad Town in a given time. Mario and Luigi must generate energy to Bowser's leg in order to give him the leg strength to push the drill before the timer goes out.

Mario and Luigi visit the Leg Outpost for the second and final time in Bowser's Castle after Bowser is trying to push a giant statue of Fawful off the ledge with his brainwashed servants pushing on the other end. After Bowser successfully pushes the statue down, he can access his Treasure Chamber to get the Star Cure.