Template:Item TemplateThe Lazy Shell is Mario's ultimate weapon from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is seen as a huge shell of a red Koopa Paratroopa. It acts exactly as the other shell weapons, but it will do 400+ damage if timed right (hit any button when you kick the shell) and 300+ if not timed right. Culex, the Dark Knight of Vanda, is very weak against this weapon.


To obtain the Lazy shell, you need the Seed, that Megasmilax drops after its defeat and the Fertilizer, which you can collect by going to the middle of the south-east corner of Nimbus Land, where you will see a Shy Away. Find the invisible path and talk to him. But remember that both the Megasmilax Seed and the Fertilizer count as invertory items and throwing either of them out will make it impossible to obtain Mario's ultimate weapon. After you have both of these, go to Rose Town. In the north, you will find a warp. Go through it and search for the house with the gardener. Talk to him and give him the Seed and the Fertilizer. When a vine appears, climb it, and you will go to a cloud area with 2 treasure boxes. The first one is the Lazy Shell Weapon and the second one is the Lazy Shell armour, which will make the defense of the character equipped on very high, but the attack will go down a lot.


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