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Layer-Cake Desert is the desert world of New Super Mario Bros. U. The world lies north of Acorn Plains, northwest of Soda Jungle and Sparkling Waters, and southwest of Frosted Glacier. The world's appearance is different from the desert worlds of previous games, and instead includes various desserts, including giant cakes and melting ice cream. 

There are 9 levels in this world, six are normal stages, one is a secret stage, one Tower Level, one Castle level, two Red Toad Houses and one Green Toad House. After completing the world, the player has a choice to travel to either Frosted Glacier or Sparkling Waters.


New Super Mario Bros. U

  • Layer-Cake Desert-1: Stone-Eye Zone
  • Layer-Cake Desert-2: Perilous Pokey Cave
  • Layer-Cake Desert-3: Fire Snake Cavern
  • Layer-Cake Desert-Tower: Stoneslide Tower
  • Layer-Cake Desert-4: Spike's Sprouting Sands
  • Layer-Cake Desert-5: Dry Desert Mushrooms
  • Layer-Cake Desert-6: Blooming Laktikus
  • Layer-Cake Desert-Castle: Morton's Compactor Castle
  • Layer Cake Desert-Secret: Piranha Plants on Ice

New Super Luigi U

Mario Party 10

Layer-Cake Desert appears in Mario Party 10 as a mini-game location.