Lavalava Island is an island off the coast of the southern Mushroom Kingdom. This area is featured in Paper Mario.


It contains a huge jungle filled with may different creatures like Spear Guys and Putrid Piranhas, as well as powerful Fuzzies. The jungle also contains a huge tree that is the home to Raphael the Raven who is the elder of the island. The jungle aboard the island has a name that is Jade Jungle. To the east is Yoshi's Village, a jungle village where many a Yoshi live, as well as a massive Volcano. The volcano is the home to many powerful creatures; one such creature being the deadly Lava Piranha.


This island is featured in Chapter 5 in Paper Mario. Mario had to rescue the Yoshi kids from the jungle after they went missing when Mario and Kolorado, an archaeologist Koopa, visited the volcano. During Mario's time investigating the jungle, he met a Cheep Cheep by the name of Sushie. Sushie decided to help Mario find the missing Yoshis as she was babysitting them. After all the kids are found, Mario is tasked to find Raphael the Raven, who, as stated above, is the elder of Lavalava Island. Mario goes deep within the jungle and finds a huge tree. Inside of the tree, Raphael greets him and helps him go across the lava river guarding the volcano and gives him the Ultra Stone. Mario, then, enters the volcano and finds the Ultra Hammer. Using the hammer, Mario finds the Lava Piranha and fights him. After the battle, Misstar, the fifth star spirit is saved and finds a way out before the mountain erupts. Mt. Lavalava then erupts and Mario escapes just before it.

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