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Lava Queen intro

The Lava Queen is an enemy that first appears in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. She is encountered in the Lava Pit within Bowser Castle, aiding the villainous Bwario and Bwaluigi during their second encounter.



The Lava Queen seems to be flirtatious as seen in her intro and the cutscenes surrounding her battle. She blows Mario a kiss a few times.

Physical Appearance

The Lava Queen resembles a Valkyrie Rabbid, but her armour is golden and she has prominent eyelashes.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

During her intro, the Lava Queen sneaks up behind Mario and tries to kiss him, which the plumber finds to his dismay, as Bwario and Bwaluigi sneak up.


The Lava Queen attacks by opening fire through her gatling guns. She can also scream to force the heroes away from her area and emits fiery shockwaves from her Team Jumps. She, Bwario, and Bwaluigi are aided by an infernal Ziggy, an infernal Hopper, an infernal Buckler, and an infernal Supporter. All seven must be destroyed to claim victory.