Lava Piranha is a Piranha Plant that is sustainable in lava and is a lot bigger than a regular Piranha Plant. It serves as the main boss of Chapter 5 in Paper Mario.


The Lava Piranha is a very large Piranha Plant with spiky vines with two of them being Lava Buds.


During some point, Bowser appointed Lava Piranha to guard the fifth Star Spirit and gave it the power to take over Mt. Lavalava. Eventually, as soon Mario enters Mt. Lavalava, the Lava Piranha was alerted by his presence by one of his Piranha Plant spies. Mario soon comes face to face with the Lava Piranha, and defeated the big plant as it sinks into the lava.


In battle, the Lava Piranha's main attack is to spit fire at Mario dealing pretty high damage. It can also attack with its two Lava Buds as well giving it three attacks in one turn. After the Lava Piranha is defeated for the first time, it will rise back up and this time it is on fire. Not much has changed except direct jump attacks won't work this time.


It is wise to come into this battle equipped with the Ice Power badge as Mario can deal higher damage to the Lava Piranha in its second form. Sushie is also valuable in this fight as her Tidal Wave and Squirt move can not only damage the Lava Piranha and his Lava Buds for high damage, but also leave them in a defenseless state for two turns. This battle is a test of endurance and it is wise to heal when the Lava Piranha is defenseless if necessary.


  • Humorously, at one point in the battle with the Lava Piranha, Kolorado will run in and attempt to attack it but fails and gets burned instead.
  • Using the Double Dip badge and then attacking the Lava Piranha with an Egg Bomb will crash the game, for a completely unknown reason. He is the only opponent in the game that is currently known for this to happen.
  • The boss resembles the Naval Piranha Plant.