Last Stand is a badge in the Paper Mario series. Costing one BP, this badge allows Mario to receive one half of the damage he'd normally receive, so long as he is in danger.


Paper Mario

Last stand badge.png

In Paper Mario, Last Stand is found in Princess Peach's Castle. This badge is found in the right-most room of the first floor where a treasure chest can be found which contains this item. Either Mario can obtain the item during his quest in the castle and enters the room, or Princess Peach can get this badge and give it to Mario via the large treasure chest linked to the one in Shooting Star Summit.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Last Stand is found twice in the game. One of these badges is found in the Lovely Howz of Badges and has a small price of 50 coins. Another Last Stand badge can be found in the Glitz Pit, in a box near one of the entrances to the arena. With two of these badges equipped, Mario takes 1/4 the damage he normally would so long as he is in danger.

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