The Landship is an unlockable kart body found in Mario Kart 8. Its design is based on one of Bowser's Airships.


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  • The Landship's cannons move back and forth whenever it is driven.
    • Its engine also has an uninque sound effect; when idling, the engine sounds similar to a four-stroke while it sounds like a two stroke while accelerating. 
  • In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Landship now shares its stats with the Streetle.
  • The Landship has unique color schemes for the Koopalings while its default color scheme is for the rest of the playable characters. The other vehicle to share this trait is the Koopa Clown. 
  • The Landship makes an appearance in Mario Kart Tour as an unlockable kart and is released during the Tokyo Tour. It can be obtained through the item shop, reward gift, or pipe pull.

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