Land of the Cragnons is a major location in Super Paper Mario. It serves as the main setting for Chapter 5.


Land of the Cragnons is a prehistoric-like location that takes place in the mountains. There are also numerous of ancient structures where reading them may provide clues to solving certain puzzles. The natives of the Land of the Cragnons are the Cragnons. The Cragnons resemble cavemen and have three different shaped heads: round, square, and triangle.


The heroes came to the Land of the Cragnons to search for the Pure Heart. However, they run into trouble where Floro Sapiens were kidnapping the Cragnons. The heroes manage to eventually follow the Floro Sapiens all the way to the caverns where it turns out that King Croacus IV where kidnapping them to force them to clean up the water due to them polluting them. After King Croacus IV was defeated and the truth was revealed, Mario and the others were awarded with their sixth Pure Heart.

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