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Lakithunder, (called ボスジュゲム Bosujugemu in Japan), is the seventh boss appearing in New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS.


He appears as the boss in World 7, meaning that either he or Monty Tank of World 6 must be defeated in order for access to World 8, unless the cannon from World 5 is taken.

Lakithunder attacks by shooting lightning bolts at the player or dropping Spinies. He also tries to attack Mario or Luigi by swooping downwards. This is the chance the two get to pounce on Lakithunder and attack him. The more pounced on, the more aggressive his lightning bolt attacks get, along with a larger amount of Spinies thrown down at Mario or Luigi. He must be pounced on three times (or hit with 15 fireballs) to be defeated and surrender his key.

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Trivia Edit

  • Lakithunder appears to be related to Giga Lakitu.
  • Due to the similar grey clouds and the lightning bolts coming out of the clouds while attacking Princess Peach's Castle, Lakithunder could have attacked the castle, due to his similar traits.
  • Lakithunder's cloud resembles a Lightning Cloud, and could in fact be one itself, as they both shoot lightning.
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