Lakilulu is a character that appears in Paper Mario. She is the girlfriend of Lakilester where they both live in Flower Fields.


Lakilulu is a female Lakitu with orange hair. She also rides on a pink cloud unlike the male Lakitus who ride on white clouds.


Lakilulu is a friendly Lakitu but she can get violent if she doesn't get her way. This was seen if Mario doesn't accept Lakilester's apology, she will keep throwing Spiny eggs at him until he does.


Lakilulu is first seen after Mario defeats Lakilester (who was going by the name of Spike at the time) in battle. She calls out Lakilester by his real name and apologizes for his behavior. Mario accepts their apology and Lakilulu gladly lets Lakilester join Mario's party. From there, Lakilulu remains in Flower Fields until Lakilester's return.


  • Lakilulu's name is a combination of "Lakitu" and "Lulu".



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