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Lakilester, also called Spike??? in battle, is Mario's eighth and final partner to collect in Paper Mario. He usually calls himself "Spike". He portrays a "cool" Lakitu to try to impress Lakilulu, a female Lakitu in Flower Fields.


Paper Mario

Lakilester is a Lakitu who initially serves Huff N. Puff. Being that, Mario, when he meets Lakilester, he must battle him. They meet in the rocky area in front of the tower where the Sun lies. After the battle, Lakilester concedes to Mario and his girlfriend, Lakilulu, enters the scene and begins to yell at Mario. After answering some of her questions, Mario invites Lakilester into his party.

Super Paper Mario

Being a partner in a previous Paper Mario game, he appears as a Catch Card in Super Paper Mario.


Power and abilities

Out of battle, Lakilester has an ability which is riding Mario over spikes and lava. This ability is used throughout Flower Fields and Bowser's Castle.

In battle, Lakilester has the following abilities: Spiny Flip, Spiny Surge, Cloud Nine, Hurricane. Spiny Flip gives Lakilester a Spiny egg and throws it at a target. Spiny Surge is similar in that it throws multiple Spiny eggs at all enemies. Cloud Nine is one of the few attacks in Paper Mario that give Mario heightened evasiveness. The Hurricane attack is similar to Lady Bow's attack to scare enemies away as this attack blows enemies out of the battle, receiving no star points.


Image Name Rank Effects FP Used
SpinyFlip.png Spiny Flip Normal Rank Attacks an enemy for normal damage. 0
SpinySurge.png Spiny Surge Normal Rank Attacks multiple enemies for damage. 4
CloudNine.png Cloud Nine Super Rank Raises Mario's evasiveness for up to four turns. 4
Hurricane.png Hurricane Ultra Rank May blow all enemies from battle. 5


  • Under the name Spike???, this is the second boss in Paper Mario whose name is followed by three question marks. The first being Bowser???.