Lady Lima (マメばあ?), is a Beanish and the ambassador of the Beanbean Kingdom. She appeared in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and reappeared in Bowser's Minions.

She was truly seen at the Beanbean Castle Sewers when she approached Mario and Luigi. Lady Lima's perplexity hinted that somebody else trapped them to distract them by fixing the sewer system. Lady Lima seemed like to appear at the prologue, despite Cackletta morphing into her form in order to steal Peach's voice.


Physical appearance

Lady Lima is a short Beanish with a long nose. She wears a yellow coat that covers her head.


Lady Lima is a diligent ambassador. When there is an unpleasant case, she worries nearly losing hope. She cheers up when someone is willing to help like Mario and Luigi.


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Lady Lima knew how to awaken the Beanstar. She made an appearance in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Cackletta morphed into a Lady Lima form to trap Mario and Luigi within the Beanbean Castle's sewer system to keep the brothers from interfering in Cackletta's succession of power scheme. Afterwards, Lady Lima was pleased with their job and was puzzled about the incident. Toward the end of the game it is discovered that Lady Lima is an old friend of Toadsworth.

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Lima was also called a lima bean in the eighteenth century. Lima may be a pun of Lina. Lina in Arabic refers to a small palm tree. Its name also means tender or tenderness.