Lady Bow is a green Boo, and is the fifth partner to join Mario's team in Paper Mario. She resides in the mansion at the heart of Forever Forest. Her field move ability is turning Mario invisible, allowing him to evade enemies and pass through moving objects. Her in battle abilities (before achieving Ultra Rank) are Slap and Outta Sight. She has a Boo butler called Bootler.

Other Appearances

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Lady Bow and Bootler both reappear in Poshley Heights after Mario defeats the Shadow Queen. Lady Bow says she and Bootler are on vacation but is happy to see her old friend again.

In Super Paper Mario, a poster of Lady Bow can be seen on the wall in one of the rooms in Fort Francis.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there is a Lady Bow sticker that can be found.


Her Outta Sight ability is able to prevent Mario from taking damage from attacks of all kinds.


Image Name Rank Effects FP Used
Smack.png Smack Normal Rank Attacks an single enemy multiple times for damage. 0
OuttaSight.jpg Outta Sight Normal Rank Hides Paper Mario allowing him to avoid attacks. 2
SpookPM.png Spook Super Rank May scare some or all enemies from the battle. 3
FanSmack.png Fan Smack Ultra Rank Attacks a single enemy multiple times for high damage. 5


  • Lady Bow's name is referred to Ribbon.
  • Bow and Parakarry are the only partners from Paper Mario to make a physical appearance in the next game.
  • When battling Huff N. Puff on the Nintendo 64, if Huff N. Puff is defeated by Bow with an uncharged smack attack, Huff N. Puff will spin around in defeat slower than normal, causing Huff N. Puff's death animation to commence before the defeat animation can finish. The two animations interfere with each other and heavily skew Huff N. Puff's sprite, then crash the game, with the in-game crash handler citing the error as "TLB EXCEPTION ON STORE".