Kylie Koopa is a type of Koopa making her debut appearance in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. She is a female Koopa, similar to Wendy O. Koopa. Kylie is a news reporter, always trying to make the best of articles. Mario, Luigi, and their young counterparts usually find Kylie Koopa finding great scoops. Kylie first was seen by them in Yoshi's Island. She was noting down scoops from the Shroobified Yoshi, Yoob. Kylie was gobbled up by the Yoob, resulting her to be spit out. She was seen again at the Gritzy Desert after the others accidentally released the Shroobs. Kylie talked to Mario for a while when the others were chased by a Shroob. As a result of all of the news she wrote about, Kylie wrote a book about her adventures and the grown-up Mario Bros. and the young Mario Bros.

Kylie Koopa returns in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team where she lives on Wakeport and works as a guidebook writer. Mario and Luigi tell her that they remember her as a reporter but she replies that she has had so many other jobs, she forgot what she has done in the past. Kylie is impressed by Mario and Luigi's appearance and wants them to help her write guidebooks. However, she then says she has other stuff to do and sends them on their way.


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