The Kroc is an unseen enemy appearing in Donkey Kong Country 3 and Donkey Kong 64. Krosshair is an assassin only depicted on the screen as a crosshair.


In Donkey Kong Country 3 he appears in the level Krack-Shot Kroc and chases Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong while shooting fireballs at them. 

In Donkey Kong 64, he appears in the levels Angry Aztec, Crystal Caves and Creepy Castle. In the five-doored temple in Angry Aztec, he will say "Get out!" in a gruff, menacing voice if a Kong gets the Golden Banana in their respective area and will kill them in one shot if they don't evacuate in time.

In his appearances in Crystal Caves and Creepy Castle, he will appear in certain areas such as cabins, igloos and garden houses if a Kong fails to retrieve the Golden Banana and if he spots them in a spotlight.