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Kretin X (also known as Alpha Kretin X and Beta Kretin X) is the second class boss fight in The Gauntlet of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


Compared to its normal version, its the same. However, its orbs are greyish-white instead of blue. It also looks more solid.


Alpha Kretin X's attacks are the same as the normal version, but faster and stronger.

Ball Cannon: The Beta Kretin X at the bottom will release a ball of light that will travel along its body,ending when all active Beta Kretin X's have been lit up.Then the Alpha Kretin X's right arm will turn into a cannon and will fire in the order the Beta Kretin X's lit up.The balls must be countered by hammers.

Energy Bolt: After the Alpha Kretin X has been turned into Beta Kretin X, it will summon 6 other Beta Kretin X's and it will send energy bolts to other Beta Kretin X's.The Beta Kretin X that will be receiving the bolt wil hop once.The bolts must be dodged by jumping should the bolt be in front, back, or top of the corresponding Bro.


  • During the beginning of the battle, one Beta Kretin X will be green, the rest will be red.